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Your Mom Wants to Hug You

"When we can't figure it out, we can go to Our Lady and just let it be simple."

I was probably upset about something, because I usually was, as an angsty seven year old.

            We had this Our Lady of Guadalupe tapestry at the top of our steps, and I remember going upstairs one night and for no reason just pressing myself against her.

            And, I kid you not, her presence was so tangible, comforting my little heart. I could practically feel the warmth of her arms and the security of her embrace.

            Because when we can’t figure it out, we can go to our Mom and just let it be simple.

            That night, something pulled me to Our Lady that was beyond knowing theological facts about her validity. Not to undermine the importance of understanding, because we clearly have intellect for a reason, but at the end of the day, the Father just wants our hearts to know that they’re loved. He’s given us a Mother to know that love.

            As that little seven-year-old, I couldn’t argue for anything anything related to Mary’s perpetual virginity, or back up the belief that Catholics don’t worship her. But despite not having the head knowledge, I had a heart experience that was still so valid and transformative.

Maybe you don’t totally understand what Mary does or who she is– and that will come. But don’t be afraid to turn to her before you understand her. She wants to bring you the peace that the Father has purchased for you.

            Maybe you don’t know how she’s supposed to fit into your life. How you can reconcile your relationship with her as well as your relationship with Jesus. I know that I personally went through a period in my life when I just ignored her because I couldn’t figure it out.

            But truly– it’s as simple as she desires to be not only a mother, but your mother. She wants to lead you to the Father. She’s a symbol of the Father’s love for you, because He only gives in abundance. And so, He’s given us this Mother to make Himself even more accessible to us.

            And if this woman can love us, with all of our messiness that nailed her Son to the cross, how could we not trust her?

            You don’t have to know all the apologetics and facts in order to pray to her. You don’t have to know the facts about her before you go to her. You don’t even have to be sure about how you feel about her before you go to her.

            But just go to her, because Jesus gave her to you, and He gave you to her. So let it be simple, and let her hug you.

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