GRACE abounds all the more."

We are helping young people become the Saints of the New Millennium. This time of great sin, is also a time of great Grace.  In this Time of Mercy, God is making it easier than ever before to be a saint. He has given us two powerful spiritual weapons: Divine Mercy and Marian Consecration. The spirituality of Mercy through Mary helps us to overcome sin, and be transformed into saints. Mercy through Mary enables us to be His light of Mercy shining through the darkness.


Your contribution to Mercy through Mary helps spread Marian Consecration and Divine Mercy to college campuses, youth groups, and young adult groups throughout the nation.  

Your gift helps support the creation of educational and inspirational materials. Our Consecration Campaigns have already transformed the lives of 10,000+ young adults through Fr. Michael Gaitley’s world-renowned books 33 Days to Morning Glory, and 33 Days to Merciful Love.

Living Marian.
loving mercifully.

Mercy through Mary is a National Young Adult Outreach of the Mary and Mercy Center in Ave Maria, Florida.

Mercy through Mary is the spirit and soul of those who live by the ideals championed by Marian Consecration and illustrated by the message of Divine Mercy. It is a nationwide movement that unites young men and women in the pursuit of holiness and are actively seeking ways to inspire others. Consecration to Mary and Merciful Love comprise the strong and lasting bond between young adults who have a clear vision of our goal to win the world for Christ under the generalship of Mary Immaculate. Mercy through Mary is dedicated to working together to share the Joy of the Gospel. We understand and practice what it means to be a saint. Living Marian and loving Mercifully is the true Catholic option in the life of the twenty-first century young adult.


According to Nielsen, Pew Research Center, comScore, SmartInsights, and other organizations, the average person spends at least 4 hours on their phone a day. Young people spend precious hours a day on social media. That is why Mercy through Mary aims to reach the youth where they’re at by creating inspirational and educational social media posts, emails, and videos that will move young people to aim for sainthood in their everyday lives. Our social media influence continues to grow while our website reaches tens of thousands. 

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St. Teresa of Calcutta Sponsor

Donate $500 or more to sponsor a student to go to the Annual Stockbridge retreat with Fr. Michael Gaitley and the MMDMs!

St. Therese of Lisieux Sponsor

Donate $1,500 or more to sponsor shipping of inspiration and educational literature to college groups and young adults

St. Maria Faustina Sponsor

Donate $2,500 or more to sponsor a semester long student internship to work with the organization and create Marketing materials!

St. John Paul the Great Sponsor

Donate $5,000 or more to sponsor Nationwide Consecration Campaign. Covers outreach with colleges, labor, & shipping !

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Donations by mail can be sent to:

Mary and Mercy Center
5060 Annunciation Cir Ste. 102
Ave Maria, FL 34142 ​

Mercy through Mary is a division of Leaders of Many, iNc. a
Non profit 501c3. contributions are tax deductible.


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